Adoption of Maine’s Coons

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3 min readJul 21, 2022

Maine Coon Rescue is seeking for anyone who want to adopt older, mistreated, or abandoned animals. Since its inception in 2008, the charity has adopted over 200 dogs and kittens. There are several alternatives available if you are thinking about adopting or fostering a Maine Coon. There are various shelters in Maine and other states, as well as rescue organizations that accept animals for free. Some of them are listed below.

If you’re thinking of adopting OMR in Maine, you’re not alone. The Maine Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for over 2,000 children, with another 100 waiting for an adoptive family. These youngsters, ranging in age from nine to seventeen, may be in need of a permanent home. Consider making a contribution to MCH if you are interested in adopting a child from Maine.

Some people are afraid about open adoption, but the advantages to a child’s growth far exceed the risks. When done correctly, open adoption may provide a kid with a sense of identity while also filling in any gaps in their story. However, open adoption is not appropriate in every circumstance. Because many overseas adoptions need re-adoption, the odds of a kid acquiring an OMR adoption in Maine are reduced if you are contemplating an international adoption.

The AMCR is an excellent organization for adopting a Maine Coon. Since its inception in 2009, the rescue organization has rescued the lives of hundreds of Maine Coons. It follows a normal adoption approach and generally processes applications in seven to 10 days. You will be asked to sign an adoption agreement outlining your duties as a new pet owner, including basic necessities and medical care. Contact Maine Coon Rescue now for more information on adopting an OMR.
Rescue of Anjellicle Cats

If you are wanting to adopt a pet in the state of Maine, Anjellicle Cats Rescue is a no-kill organization that you might consider. This non-profit group cares for numerous homeless cats, and many of their adopted animals are in foster care. Kale is a four-year-old neutered male who presently resides at Spoiled Brats.

While there are other cat rescues in the United States, Anjellicle Cats Rescue is one of a kind. While there is no physical facility, rescued cats are housed in foster homes and at the owners’ homes. If you are interested in adopting a Maine Coon, please contact them to set up an appointment. While Maine Coon adoption is feasible under the correct conditions, it is advised that you adopt a cat with an older cat to assist it grow faster.

Applicants must complete out a Maine Coon application and be prepared to commit to adopting a cat from the rescue. An evaluation by a foster parent is part of the process of adopting a Maine Coon. You must be able to present solid reasons for adopting a cat, demonstrate that you can meet its basic needs, and demonstrate that you are the proper fit for a Maine Coon. Following this evaluation, you will be asked to pay the adoption money and sign an agreement.


For almost ten years, the ECMCR has been rescuing Maine Coons, saving the lives of hundreds of the creatures. This organization conducts normal adoption processes with the help of a devoted volunteer group. Applications are completed in seven to ten business days, and you will be asked to sign an adoption agreement outlining your duties as a new owner, including providing basic necessities and medical treatment to the animals. This agreement should be read before adopting a cat.

ECMCR has a vast volunteer network that accepts mistreated, abandoned, or surrendered Maine Coons. The group meticulously evaluates foster homes and pairs adopters with cats that satisfy the organization’s requirements. ECMCR also provides information on identifying an MC/MC Mix cat. The adoption procedure is straightforward, and the organization’s social media feeds are often updated. A Maine Coon for adoption can be found at an ECMCR office near you.



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